News tagged: Telco

  • Does LTE really stack up?

    Posted: 21st May 2012

    It would seem an almost certainty that the major operators will be bidding for the 800Mhz spectrum, to the point where the economics of it all have not been questioned. Whilst it certainly seems like a positive step to take, it won’t be without risk. Read more...

  • Mobile operators need to differentiate

    Posted: 22nd March 2011

    The growth of the mobile market over the last few years has been nothing short of staggering.  Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way people browse the internet, purchase products, network and interact with brands.  In September 2009, just 0.02% of all UK web traffic originated from a mobile device, but compare this to January 2011 and the figure is up to 8.09% which represents a growth of over 4000%... Read more...

  • Operator Differentiation - exploring niche opportunities

    Posted: 23rd February 2011

    Read an article by Nabeel Mardi which discusses how Telco's can differentiate themselves from the competition by exploring niche opportunities. Read more...