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  • Sprue Aegis plc (“Sprue”) and Intamac to launch connected safety solution

    Posted: 26th March 2014

    Intamac Systems Limited announces a new 3 year partnership agreement with Sprue, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of home safety products including smoke and carbon monoxide alarms sold under the FireAngel brand.

    Under the partnership, Sprue will launch an internet connectivity solution for its FireAngel Wi-Safe II range of wireless safety products, known as ‘Connect Safe Home’, which will allows users to remotely monitor the status of wirelessly connected home safety products from a smartphone, PC or tablet using apps designed by Intamac. Read more...

  • Amino scoops top TV Connect industry award for Amino Home Reach home monitoring and control solution

    Posted: 21st March 2014

    Amino, leader in IPTV has scooped a top industry award for its new Amino Home Reach home monitoring and control solution.

    The company stepped up to receive the award for Best Digital Home Service Innovation in the TV Connect 2014 awards at BAFTA in London last night. A major event in the industry, the awards celebrate excellence, innovation and achievements in the global IP, TV and connected entertainment.

    Amino Home Reach, which was launched at the TV Connect show this week, is a carrier grade solution enabling operators to offer subscribers a range of “peace of mind” home monitoring and control services. Fully integrated with Amino’s set-top boxes – with the addition of a USB dongle – the complete service includes a cloud platform, customisable mobile apps and web portal, administration tools for subscriber support and a range of connected devices. Read more...

  • The case for Wi-Fi in the Internet of Things

    Posted: 15th January 2014

    Whether it’s the "connected home" or the "Internet of Things," many everyday home appliances and devices will soon feature some form of Internet connectivity. What form should that connectivity take? Ars tecnica sat down with Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, to discuss his belief that Wi-Fi is the clear choice. Read more...

  • "Smart connectivity will truly take off when it becomes commonplace on electrical appliances"

    Posted: 30th October 2013

    Nick Underwood, Buying Administrator for Large Electricals and connected home authority within retailer John Lewis gives his opinion on the future of the connected home and the market for smart appliances; “We believe there is an appetite for both standalone home automation devices and smarter home appliances in the market,”. Looking at early adopters he added: “We have seen a really positive initial reaction to the launch of home automation and connected home products. These products are proving really popular with our customers and we’ve seen sales rise by 156 per cent since the same period last year.” Read more...

  • Drive toward always-on Internet connected homes picks up speed

    Posted: 29th April 2013

    By 2022, the average household with two teenage children will own roughly 50 Internet-connected devices, up from approximately 10 today, according to estimates by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This trend has been dubbed the “Internet of Things.”

    “[Apps] are the people end of the Internet of things,” said Stephen Prentice, vice president and fellow at research advisory firm Gartner. Read more...

  • Connected homes driving innovation in residential security

    Posted: 16th April 2013

    What once was considered a luxury only the wealthy could afford, home automation and interactive services have now become a common offering among providers of residential security systems. Not only has it had a tremendous impact on the business model of alarm dealers, it’s also helping to shape the face of the technology itself.  Read more...

  • A refrigerator that thinks? Smart kitchens are coming

    Posted: 15th April 2013

    For years, appliances toiled without companionship, just disconnected boxes hidden away in kitchens and basements. That’s all about to change. The next appliance to go in your kitchen still won’t get out of the house much, but it will at least talk to the outside world. Read more...

  • The Evolution of M2M: The Other Mobile Marketplace

    Posted: 11th April 2013

    Amidst the much-discussed love affair between consumers and their mobile devices, another relationship is blooming in the mobile sector.  Device manufacturers from nearly every industry vertical (transportation, energy, health, payments, etc.) are increasingly offering devices and products equipped with mobile connectivity, transforming “dumb” devices into “smart” ones.  Providing connectivity for these devices currently amounts to a small percentage of mobile operators' overall business, but the market is growing and the future potential of this industry is huge. Read more...

  • Utilities forming partnerships to enter the connected home

    Posted: 5th April 2013

    Consumers have many choices in acquiring smart devices, which will lead utilities to partner with companies in new ways. Through incentives or tariff structures, such as time-of-use (TOU) rates, utilities can establish market conditions where new energy-efficiency and demand response solutions leverage technologies already in homes.

  • Internet connected devices surpass half a billion in US homes

    Posted: 25th March 2013

    There are now more than half a billion devices in U.S. homes that are connected to the Internet and deliver apps, according to new findings from the Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report from global information company The NPD Group. Increases in tablet and smartphone penetration drove the U.S. market to this milestone. Read more...