News 27th November 2008 - Digital neighbourhood watch service for the 21st century launched by LOCKON & Intamac Systems

Posted: 22nd December 2009

Northampton UK, & Aarhus Denmark, 27th November 2008

Technology is being used in a pro-active way to help homeowners create their own neighbourhood watch network – and in the process, is setting new standards for home security products and monitoring services across Europe. The new service, LOCKON, launches in Denmark in November 2008 with a media campaign which includes prime-time television advertising, and traditional print and online coverage. Backed by the energy company NRGi, one of the largest Utility companies in Denmark, LOCKON is now selling its new home security product & service self-install Kit, which is set to compete with the established traditional alarm system providers.

Using a new range of IP based products connected to the monitoring and messaging platform developed by Intamac Systems, LOCKON is providing a new home security service that makes use of the fact that the vast majority of homeowners now have a broadband connection. Customers order the product online via, receive their product kit though the post and connect the control unit directly to their broadband router.  Several variants and specifications of Kit are available, some including IP cameras as standard, giving customers the ability to live-view into their own home whenever they want.  An installation video guide can be viewed from, guiding the customer through the plug-and-play installation registration and connection process.

"It is important to us that our alarm service is easy, secure and, importantly, available at the right price.  The products and monitoring service developed by Intamac have allowed LOCKON to be all of these things for our customers. It is an example of modern technology at its best: user-friendly and functional. The system is online 24 hours a day and ensures that your home is never home-alone," says one of LOCKON’s two founding Director’s, Torben Kring.

By using the Intamac web-enabled monitoring service, LOCKON has been able to provide a “digitalized” version of neighbourhood watch.  Every LOCKON customer is given a personalized online account, through which they can generate and manage their own call-group of close friends and neighbours, editing details and updating information themselves whenever they need.  If an alarm is activated, messages are sent to the homeowner first, and then cascaded through this chain of friends and neighbours by voice call, email and text message, until someone responds.

"We think the neighbourhood watch and messaging feature which Intamac have created for us will be the cornerstone of the LOCKON proposition.  It is already accepted that people’s friends, family members and neighbours help to take care of their house or apartment when they are not home. Now we are giving customers in Denmark a new tool to improve their personal network.  It is a service that people will find very useful, and gives added peace of mind when you are away from home," says cofounder of LOCKON, Director Carsten Rasmussen.

“We are delighted to see the LOCKON products and services come to market, with an exciting launch campaign” says Intamac CEO, Kevin Meagher; “We have worked hard to develop new capabilities and services for LOCKON, integrating with their innovative pay-per-sensor billing model and the Danish single-sign-on system.  Our partnership is strong, and we’ve already integrated advanced IP camera monitoring solutions into the LOCKON proposition, to help provide their customers with innovative added value service propositions.”



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LOCKON is a new IP based home security and monitoring proposition which is designed to take advantage of the fact that the vast majority of Danish homes now have a broadband connection.  The two founders of LOCKON worked for many years at TDC, where they were responsible for developing a wide range of the broadband products and services that are today found on the Danish market.  In addition to the two founders, the energy company NRGi is backing the new business venture.  NRGi is one of the largest utility companies in Denmark, and has been delivering professional security solutions to commercial & business customers for many years.  It is supporting the technology proposition created by LOCKON to deliver self-install domestic alarm and monitoring systems to homeowners across Denmark

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 About Intamac

 Intamac Systems Ltd is the market leader in the field of Internet accessed monitoring and control. Founded in 2000, and based in Northampton UK, the company has developed an Internet-based platform and communications infrastructure enabling systems and appliances to be networked using the Internet.  As the ’Digital Home’ and business environments become increasingly automated, Intamac is  providing global companies and their customers with a range of powerful new services, and the ability to monitor and control their property remotely from the Internet or mobile phone. The company currently has offices and staff in the UK, Australia and North America.

 Intamac was named in the Red Herring Europe Top 100 in 2006 and Fierce WiFi’s annual Fierce 15 list for 2006, as well as being short listed for the Innovation and Creativity Category at the 2007 Sharp Edge awards. Kevin Meagher, Intamac Systems CEO was a finalist in the Ernst & Young UK Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2007.  Most recently, Kevin received a Ruban D’Honneur accolade for Entrepreneur of the Year and Intamac Systems won the Business Innovation of the Year category, at the prestigious European Business Awards 2008.


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