News 23rd November 2009 - Intamac and Current Cost visualise energy savings in real-time for consumers

Posted: 22nd December 2009

Intamac Systems rivals Google Powermeter with the launch of a fully commercial web-enabled energy monitoring service.

23rd  November 2009

UK-based provider of monitoring and control services for the ‘connected home’ Intamac Systems has announced it is working with Current Cost, leaders in the real-time energy display products market, to give consumers the ability to remotely monitor and manage their electricity consumption. Intamac will provide a new Smart Energy mobile & online portal monitoring service to work with Current Cost in-home display units, which gives consumers real-time information through the web and mobile handsets. With an easily comprehensible visual of how much energy they’re consuming and the ability to remotely switch devices on and off consumers can actively reduce their energy consumption.

Simple and easy to set up and use, consumers can now connect their Current Cost real-time display unit via broadband to the internet, and see how much energy they’re using in the home via both the in-home display and on the web using the Intamac online portal interface. Consumers will be able to view and compare their electricity use on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, for the whole home and down to individual appliance level. Consumption thresholds can be set, and when triggered, messages are sent by email, SMS, and even to social network and Twitter accounts.

“The launch of this new service adds a useful and popular element to our ‘connected home’ offering,” said Kevin Meagher, CEO of Intamac Systems. “We know that in-home displays help consumers visualise their energy consumption and encourage them to make short-term reductions of around 10% on average. By providing a mobile & online monitoring and remote control service we’ll help consumers extend that saving over a much longer period, helping to track and change their energy consumption behaviour patterns. Tying smart energy management into our existing home security, video and telecare solutions means that consumers have an added incentive to conserve their energy, whether driven by environmental conscience or to save the pennies. It’s about making it easily accessible, tangible and understandable for the consumer.”

Alongside its web interface account, Intamac also announced the introduction of an iPhone application that gives information on your energy use for remote access via your mobile. A monthly statement is sent to users of the service, outlining their relative consumption levels, carbon footprint, and giving energy saving tips and new product information.

“If the information on your energy consumption is readily available and controllable via your PC or iPhone, you’re far more likely to adjust it accordingly,” continues Kevin. “Not only is this beneficial for the consumers’ wallet and their environmental conscience but it also gives service providers the chance to offer their subscribers a new range of value-added services. We’ve already proven that our services combine energy management and home security information in the ‘cloud’, to make complex technologies simple for both consumers and service providers to adopt and exploit.”

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 About Intamac Systems

Intamac Systems is a market leader in the integration and networking of devices within the connected home. Founded in 2000 and based in the UK, the company has developed an enterprise platform that takes advantage of broadband to deliver a wide range of innovative value added services including security, video surveillance, automation and energy management. With fixed and mobile broadband becoming ubiquitous, Intamac Systems uses the platform to simplify the installation and deployment of devices. The platform is used to deliver a turnkey solution to partners who want to enter and make the most of opportunities in the connected home.

Intamac is listed in the 2009 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. It also won the European Business Awards for Best New Innovation in 2008 where CEO, Kevin Meagher, received a Ruban d’Honneurs for European Entrepreneur of the Year. For more information see


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