News 15th June 2009 - Power to your palm. New services from Intamac Systems deliver home energy use information straight to your mobile phone

Posted: 22nd December 2009

Northampton, UK, 15th June 2009

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much energy is being consumed in your home, even while you’re not there? Thanks to a new service from Intamac System Ltd., consumers are now able to monitor and control power consumed in their home from a handset such as the iPhone; and can view home energy usage information at any time.  This revolutionary service even allows consumers to manage standby devices and detect appliances that are left switched on for extended periods of time.

Intamac Systems, a global market leader in connected home monitoring services, has partnered with Current Cost to develop this new capability.  Current Cost is a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of energy monitors, and has recently launched its updated ENVI self-install home energy monitor device.  With over half a million monitors sold, consumers in the UK are able to track the power consumption in their homes, and use this information to make savings and reduce their CO2 emissions.   Intamac Systems has developed a way of linking the Current Cost ENVI display to the web without the need for a PC, so consumers can record trends and monitor energy usage from anywhere in the world. Information is presented to the consumer via their Intamac Home Manager account, accessible via website and mobile devices. 

“Home energy monitors help consumers reduce their average energy consumption by as much as 15 per cent through cutting energy waste, making them a very cost effective tool with a fast pay-back period.” said Martin Dix, CEO of Current Cost.  “The work Intamac has done to link our monitors to the web and provide remote mobile access and control, means we can offer customers even more capabilities. In addition to monitoring usage patterns, we can encourage savings by allowing consumers to compare their carbon footprint against their neighbours, receive tips and advice on how to make further savings, and choose to receive alerts based on consumption data.” 

The new mobile management includes an iPhone application that offers new levels of control for Intamac’s Home Manager web enabled home monitoring service.  Extending this application to include the Current Cost device means customers are now able to much more; “We want to give homeowners the ability to remotely monitor and control their homes, with simple interfaces and mobile applications which adapt to peoples’ changing lifestyles and demands” explains Kevin Meagher, CEO and Founder of Intamac Systems. “The rapid adoption of broadband as a utility is allowing us to develop new and exciting service for homeowners and small businesses.  The new services we are providing with the Current Cost monitors are a great example of the benefits to consumers of networking devices using the web.”

Intamac and Current Cost are already extending its collaboration by introducing a range of new products and services which take remote control to the next level.  This allows consumers to track the energy usage of individual appliances and allows them to turn on their central heating before leaving the office, or turn off any devices left on standby, with the touch of a button on a mobile phone.  “Our belief is that this information will empower people to make simple changes to the way they manage their homes, and make a real difference in reducing overall energy consumption and costs.” adds Kevin Meagher.

Intamac’s award winning web-based services are currently available through various global partner companies including British Telecom, DSC Tyco, LockOn, WoonVeilig, and Yale.

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Notes to Editor:

 About Intamac

Intamac Systems Ltd is the market leader in the field of Internet accessed monitoring and control services for the connected home market. Founded in 2000, and based in Northampton UK, the company has developed an Internet-based platform and communications infrastructure enabling systems and appliances to be networked using the Internet.  As the ’Digital Home’ and business environments become increasingly automated, Intamac is  providing global companies and their end-user customers with a range of powerful new services, and the ability to monitor and control their property remotely from the Internet or mobile phone. Intamac was named Business Innovation of the Year in the 2008 European Business Awards.


About Current Cost:

Current Cost first came to fruition in 2004 and has partnerships with the government, the EU, leading utility companies and NGOs across the UK and now worldwide.

Current Cost aims to change peoples’ habits when it comes to energy. This doesn’t mean not using the gadgets and appliances you’ve invested in, but understanding your energy use and the small steps you can make to cut wasted energy.

The Current Cost display allows you to do this, and with the advanced features of the ENVI you can monitor how energy hungry individual appliances are.

If we all make small steps to cutting energy wastage we can cut our carbon footprint and ensure the future of the planet for generations to come.


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David Rimmer 

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