Intamac Speaking at Connected Insurance Summit Europe - London 11/12 June 2018

Posted: 30th April 2018


There has been a lot of debate about the potential impact of the smart home and IoT on the insurance industry and some strong push back to the term ‘game changing’. However, as an industry built on collecting and analysing data to make decisions on risk, it is hard to deny that the IoT is going to have a huge impact and reasonable to conclude it will be a game changer if the industry fails to embrace the opportunity and deal with the threat.   

 At Insurance Nexus in June 11/12 in London the agenda will be focused on helping insurers to develop their strategy for the smart home.  Intamac will be addressing what insurers suggest are their top challenges and exploring business models that focus on simple, affordable, and scalable smart home solutions that secure new revenues and drive adoption. They will be be showcasing some success stories in other channels and demonstrating solutions that have been tailored specifically for insurers. 

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