Connected homes driving innovation in residential security

Posted: 16th April 2013

What once was considered a luxury only the wealthy could afford, home automation and interactive services have now become a common offering among providers of residential security systems. Not only has it had a tremendous impact on the business model of alarm dealers, it’s also helping to shape the face of the technology itself. Just taking a look at what manufacturers have to offer in terms of alarm panels at this year’s ISC West show, it’s evident that consumer technology trends are starting to bleed over into the space. No longer are generic keypads and key fobs adequate for the home security user as touchscreens and icon-based interfaces have come to dominant the panel landscape.

According to Brian Leland, Americas product management leader for intrusion at Interlogix, interactive services are more affordable now than at any point in the past and offer the industry a potential opportunity to increase the penetration of residential security systems in the U.S. from what has been a stagnant 18 to 20 percent over the last decade.

“Home automation has become much more mainstream in the security channel,” Leland said. “Consumers are looking for something that takes care of their home. For (manufacturers) as we talk about product development, it’s part of our core.”

Source: Security Info Watch. Read the full article here.

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