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  • Big data. Big Benefits.

    Posted: 4th December 2014

    As the number of sensors, controllers and other devices connected to the Internet grows, so does the amount of data being collected and transmitted back and forth across the cloud.  For manufacturers, harnessing all this new data and then knowing what to do with it poses significant challenges.  Nonetheless, these are challenges that need to be overcome, as harnessing ‘big data’ sets and incorporating the resultant analysis into a strategy towards improving business practices and processes, could be transformative.   Read more...

  • The case for Wi-Fi in the Internet of Things

    Posted: 15th January 2014

    Whether it’s the "connected home" or the "Internet of Things," many everyday home appliances and devices will soon feature some form of Internet connectivity. What form should that connectivity take? Ars tecnica sat down with Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, to discuss his belief that Wi-Fi is the clear choice. Read more...

  • "Smart connectivity will truly take off when it becomes commonplace on electrical appliances"

    Posted: 30th October 2013

    Nick Underwood, Buying Administrator for Large Electricals and connected home authority within retailer John Lewis gives his opinion on the future of the connected home and the market for smart appliances; “We believe there is an appetite for both standalone home automation devices and smarter home appliances in the market,”. Looking at early adopters he added: “We have seen a really positive initial reaction to the launch of home automation and connected home products. These products are proving really popular with our customers and we’ve seen sales rise by 156 per cent since the same period last year.” Read more...

  • The Evolution of M2M: The Other Mobile Marketplace

    Posted: 11th April 2013

    Amidst the much-discussed love affair between consumers and their mobile devices, another relationship is blooming in the mobile sector.  Device manufacturers from nearly every industry vertical (transportation, energy, health, payments, etc.) are increasingly offering devices and products equipped with mobile connectivity, transforming “dumb” devices into “smart” ones.  Providing connectivity for these devices currently amounts to a small percentage of mobile operators' overall business, but the market is growing and the future potential of this industry is huge. Read more...

  • Cisco "all in" on the Internet of Everything

    Posted: 15th March 2013

    With its recent "Tomorrow Starts Here" campaign, Cisco has made clear that it harbors plans for the Internet of Things.  CEO John Chambers revealed just how big those plans are and how Cisco views the market. Read more...

  • Interoperability and user engagement is key to Connected Home

    Posted: 3rd February 2012

    The Connected Home, with a networked energy management system, is achievable now. The UK government has mandated dual gas and electric smart meters for every home and business by 2020. In the near future homes will communicate through their power meter with the Smart Grid, allowing both utility companies and consumers to manage power usage.  But greater convergence and more focus on end user engagement is needed before the Connected Home is realised, paticularly where utility companies are concerned. Read more...

  • The Internet evolved

    Posted: 10th January 2011

    We are witnessing the next major evolution of the Internet with a switch in focus from delivering content to delivering capability.  We are moving to a networked world where every device (light switch/plug socket/appliance) will be IP addressable and the web will be used to connect and integrate them... Read more...

  • Who owns the Home? OSS/BSS challenges in the home networking environment

    Posted: 14th December 2010

    The arrival of more intelligent home gateways, the addition of WiFi, DECT and femtocell connectivity plus storage and the expansion of services to include home monitoring and security, appliance control and energy management as well as a raft of other new domestic applications provides both a threat and an opportunity to service providers... Read more...

  • Mobile: The future of the Connected Home

    Posted: 4th November 2010

    Recent research by Parks Associates forecasts that there will be a dramatic shift in the composition of the Connected Home market over the next 5 years, with connected consumer electronics and mobile devices – primarily smartphones and tablets – making up a whopping 80% of the predicted 7 billion connected nodes worldwide by 2015... Read more...

  • Broadband investment but UK still lagging

    Posted: 26th October 2010