News category: Innovations

  • Technicolor's Qeo solution is taking on Google and Apple

    Posted: 17th February 2014

    In 2014, the 'internet of things' (IoT) phenomenon is surely but surely familiarising people with the concept of connecting up everyday objects to the internet - and cars are no exception. Whether it's hooking up your beloved hatchback to the internet or zipping through the streets in a driverless two-door, the automotive industry is speeding toward technological advancement. Read more...

  • A refrigerator that thinks? Smart kitchens are coming

    Posted: 15th April 2013

    For years, appliances toiled without companionship, just disconnected boxes hidden away in kitchens and basements. That’s all about to change. The next appliance to go in your kitchen still won’t get out of the house much, but it will at least talk to the outside world. Read more...

  • The Internet of Things - a world where you're never alone

    Posted: 19th January 2012

    For a long time now, just about everyone has been talking about interconnecting people and objects; a world where you’re never alone - always connected to something or someone. The Internet of Things, as it currently stands, is about connecting you to your surroundings and your surroundings to the wider world. Read more...

  • The growing scope for IP based surveillance

    Posted: 7th December 2010

    The value of camera surveillance at a property has always been recognised, but when it comes to home security for the consumer there have been barriers preventing the widespread adoption of this technology. CCTV is the most common type of video surveillance but as a consumer proposition it’s something that will never appeal to the mass market because it’s not a cheap or self-install solution... Read more...

  • CES latest - Intamac Systems revs up with ng Connect connected car

    Posted: 8th January 2010