Announcing the new ‘Full Access Licence' programme

Posted: 16th May 2016

Intamac’s multi award winning IoT software technology is now available under new licence terms which allow organisations looking for complete control of their IoT software and solution strategy to own, operate and develop unique custom solutions in a low risk way. The new ‘Full Access Licence’ programme provides full development rights and access to the source code of Intamac’s end to end connected home / IoT software stack. This includes ensoAgentTM (embedded device client software), ensoCloudTM (IoT platform) and ensoInterfaceTM (web and mobile app UI framework).

A ‘Full Access Licence’, which is now available as an alternative to Intamac’s well-established SaaS solutions, means:

With market proven solutions built on ensoTM supporting use cases and applications including Home Automation, Security, Video (including cloud recording), Energy Management and Personal Wellbeing Intamac technology supports enriched customer experiences and provides valuable commercial insight. A trusted partner to some of the world’s leading OEM and Service Provider brands Intamac has been helping to accelerate the innovation and transformation driven by the Internet of Things for over a decade. A ‘Full Access Licence’ means that you can take complete control of your IoT solution and strategy and innovate on a secure, proven platform to meet the specific needs of your customers.  
Why not have a closer look at gaining access to an awarding winning platform and start to build your own IoT solutions and IP. 

* IP rights in underlying software and technology rests with Intamac but Intamac lays no claim to any custom developments/adaptations undertaken by ‘Full Access Licence’ customers.

**Intamac’s ensoTM cloud software platform has been in full commercial use since 2001 and has supported more than 20 fully commercial solutions by bluechip partners including BT, Scottish Power, Yale, Swann, Cisco, Technicolor and Securitas.

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