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  • Smart home industry leaders address innovative business strategies and technology at CONNECTIONS™

    Posted: 11th May 2018

    Intamac Present at Parks Associates Connections Conference

    "Cloud platforms have helped to address interoperability issues, but they are now the key enabler for players to reinvent traditional business models and channels to market," said Kevin Meagher, Chief Commercial Officer, Intamac Systems "The future winners and losers in the smart home are likely to be defined by their ability to use these platforms to leverage data from devices and deliver innovative, new, value-added services to the consumer." Read more...

  • Intamac to Speak at Connections 2018 - San Francisco 22-24 May 2018

    Posted: 30th April 2018
  • Intamac Speaking at Connected Insurance Summit Europe - London 11/12 June 2018

    Posted: 30th April 2018

    Insurance - Smart Strategies for the Smart Home

  • Intamac signs ‘Full Access Licence’ deal with Sprue Aegis plc

    Posted: 21st September 2016

    Intamac is pleased to announce that Sprue Aegis plc (“Sprue”), one of Europe's leading home safety products suppliers, has acquired a licence to use Intamac’s Internet of Things (“IoT”) Connected Home cloud platform and embedded software source code, with development rights, on a perpetual royalty free basis.

    Under the terms of the deal Sprue will be able to operate and develop its own unique IoT solutions and intellectual property, whilst gaining the speed to market and other advantages of building on top of Intamac’s mature, market proven software technology. Intamac has been working closely with Sprue over the past two years and a close link between the companies has been formed. Intamac has been helping to accelerate the innovation and transformation driven by the Internet of Things for over a decade. Its ‘Full Access Licence’ model, which was announced in May 2016, means that organisations like Sprue can now take complete control of their IoT solutions and innovate on a secure, proven platform to meet the specific needs of their customers.  Read more...

  • If you build it, they will come

    Posted: 27th June 2016

    The greatest challenge facing the Connected Home and consumer IoT markets, we are often told, is 'end consumer take up'. Industry luminaries trot out a message that has become drearily familiar to delegates at the myriad conferences that take place around the world every few weeks - 'it's just a matter of time'; 'the next 12 months will see mass market adoption'; 'it's about finding the killer use case or the right business model'; 'subscription based plans are aligned with consumer demand; or conversely a barrier to take up'; 'consumers need educating'; 'we need to make our solutions/products more intuitive' and so on. If you are anywhere near this corner of the market this will all doubtless be familiar, you may even agree with some or all of these plausible explanations for a market that has been nascent for an uncomfortably long time.  Read more...

  • Announcing the new ‘Full Access Licence' programme

    Posted: 16th May 2016

    Intamac’s multi award winning IoT software technology is now available under new licence terms which allow organisations looking for complete control of their IoT software and solution strategy to own, operate and develop unique custom solutions in a low risk way. The new ‘Full Access Licence’ programme provides full development rights and access to Intamac’s end to end connected home / IoT software stack. This includes ensoAgentTM (embedded device client software), ensoCloudTM (IoT platform) and ensoInterfaceTM (web and mobile app UI framework). Read more...

  • Spring into IoT!

    Posted: 22nd March 2016

    As we enter Spring 2016, we are starting to witness a growth in the amount of organisations delivering real value from the Internet of Things (IoT). Intamac has been working in the IoT arena for over a decade, helping OEMs and product vendors to connect their products and appliances to the internet. Our award-winning, white-label IoT platform was developed to allow companies to focus on their own customers while we fast track their IoT development. If you would like to partner with Intamac and benefit from our cutting edge experience, please contact us today! Read more...

  • Intamac exhibiting at IoT Tech Expo 2016!

    Posted: 2nd February 2016

    IoT Tech Expo is coming to London's Olympia next week,10-11 February. It will bring together key industries from across Europe including Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Security & Energy.IoT Tech Expo is Europe`s largest Internet of Things conference and exhibition event.
    We are looking forward to exhibiting at the event. Please come along and visit us on stand 56. For further details please click here Read more...

  • Smart Connected Home was predicted in Back to the Future - Oct 21st 2015

    Posted: 21st October 2015

    The movie, Back to the Future predicted many things that we would be doing with our lives today, flying cars and hover-boards have not made it to the market just yet but many of the images in the home are close, for example Marty McFly video-calling a colleague looks very similar to Skype or FaceTime.

    However, another thing that the movie did get right is the Smart Connected home. When Jennifer is taken to her future home by the police, they mention that she should have the lights programmed to turn on when she comes home. Today the Smart home is a reality. IoT has made it simple to “automate” your home; you can programme it to do what you need with the Intamac Rules Engine, heating control, lighting control and passive monitoring, to provide safety and comfort for your family. Read more...

  • Improving people's lives in a meaningful way

    Posted: 13th July 2015

    Intamac is a market-leading internet of things (IoT) software company and the recent winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2015 European Internet of Things New Product Innovation.The company enables electronics product manufacturers, service providers and others to connect their devices to the internet; enhancing user experience, lowering operating costs and enabling exciting new functionality

    Since 2001 Intamac has worked with many blue chip partners including BT, Technicolor, Fire Angel, Swann and Ideal, powering more than 18 fully commercial deployments and securely connecting more than 500,000 “things”. Intamac’s IoT software products are modular and end-to-end (embedded device software, SaaS cloud platform and both consumer and business apps), enabling features such as remote control from smartphones for consumers and giving vendors and service organisations rich analytics and remote fault fix and upgrade capabilities.