TDC, the leading Danish telecoms operator, wanted to have first mover advantage in connected home solutions and offer a value added security service to its customers.

The clear aim was to enhance the experience with a new product that could be simply installed and leverage TDC’s network and advanced application capabilities. The business motivation was to increase ARPU but perhaps more importantly make customers more ‘sticky’ and enable TDC to reduce churn rates.

The proposition is centred around home security, with energy management, home automation and video as part of the bundle of services.


Privat Alarm is a self-install system comprising a dedicated smart home gateway and a range of wireless sensors that utilise the Intamac platform to deliver features such as:

  • Home security alerts by SMS, email and app notifications
  • Electricity monitoring for individual devices
  • Device control with smart plugs
  • Video monitoring
  • Online interfaces for web and mobile (apps)

The Client


TDC is the leading Danish provider of communications solutions and Pay-TV with market leadership across all segments in the domestic market. In all other Nordic countries, TDC is the main challenger in the business market. Today, TDC A/S had 8.99 million customer relations in Denmark and abroad.

Current Status

Customer satisfaction survey results:
  • 98% are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with product
  • 96% says Alarm meets or exceeds expectations
  • 85% feels more secure
  • 92% will recommend product to others
  • 85% says installation is easy - only 3% says it is difficult Execution

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