In August 2010, ScottishPower approached Intamac with the idea of partnering on the development of the first on-line Home Energy monitoring service. Their intent was very clear from the outset; deliver a new, innovative service using web and mobile that would help customers budget more effectively in the use of their electricity.

Using the Intamac platform and working with a hardware manufacturer, ScottishPower launched the Unifi proposition which helped their customers save money on their energy bills and allowed them to control devices remotely via smart plugs.

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Intamac and ScottishPower worked together to provide an energy monitoring and management service with the following features:

  • Electricity monitoring for the whole home
  • Electricity monitoring for individual devices
  • Device control with smart plugs
  • Online interfaces for web and mobile (apps)
  • Track consumption and set schedules for automation

The system is simple to install and offers an intuitive and compelling user experience.

The Client


As part of the Iberdrola Group since April 2007, and headquartered in Glasgow, ScottishPower is one of the UK’s largest energy companies employing more than eight thousand people across its Generation; Transmission; Distribution and Retail sectors.

Current Status

ScottishPower's Unifi proposition launched successfully and is available to customers. ScottishPower are exploring new ways to extend the proposition to offer a broader range of connected devices, using the Intamac platform as a foundation.


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