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Posted on: 05/10/10

Security myths - Home Security Systems are too expensive...

Over the next week we will be looking at some of the most common Home Security myths and hoping to dispel them.  In this first post we address the common misconception that all Home Security systems are too expensive, but make sure you check back here to see the rest of the series.


In the UK, professionally installed alarm systems can cost upwards of £300 and the average cost of having them installed is £475, according to research by Which?

With this type of alarm there is usually the option to then subscribe to a monitoring contract, which means the alarm will connect to a receiving centre contracted by your installer or via a monitoring company.  They call keyholders in the event of an alarm going off.  If you have a professionally installed system with a monitoring contract, you will also have to pay an annual maintenance charge, which will on average equate to a further £60 per annum on top of the cost of the monitoring service, which is typically between £69 and £176 per year.

According to these figures from Which? you could pay as much as £1,000 in the first year of having your alarm, assuming you have it professionally installed, maintained and on a monitoring contract. 

But there are cost effective, reliable and flexible alternatives that can give you the same benefits without the expensive initial outlay, high monthly charges or restrictive (and sometimes lengthy) monitoring contracts.  There are now a range of DIY kits that are, thanks to the fast pace of technological advances, as reliable as their professionally installed counterparts but without the complex installation.  An example of one such solution is the Halo 100 Starter Kit – a DIY burglar alarm system that can be easily installed and set up in 30 minutes and requires no technical or alarm system knowledge whatsoever to install it.  Priced at £249.99 (or £199.99 with discount code INT1025) with a range of monthly monitoring options starting at only £2.49 per month and no maintenance or monitoring contracts to tie customers in, the Halo system is beneficial to those people who desire a cheaper and more flexible security solution.

In the event of an alarm, instead of the user being contacted by an alarm receiving centre they will receive an SMS text message, automated call to a landline, email and even Twitter message to alert them to the alarm activation.  As the process is automated, the monitoring costs are considerably lower than those associated with a manned receiving centre. With the Halo system there is also no lengthy contract to tie you to the monitoring service, and there is even a free level of service which gives the user some basic monitoring functions and allows them to get an idea of what the monitoring service has to offer before paying for the full subscription.

* Discount code valid until 05/10/2011

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